Jean-Claude Cavaillé

Areas of expertise

Jean-Claude Cavaillé is involved in tax advice and litigation, business restructuring and transfers, trusts, accounting law (in particular, the financial simulation of the feasibility and consequences of the projected legal transactions), the law of non-profit institutions and sponsoring, and he is committed to research works on the impact of legal sources from authorities superior to that of the Law (constitutional law, European Union law and the European Convention of Human Rights) on substantive law and legal doctrine, in particular with regard to taxation and business law.

Professional experience

Jean-Claude Cavaillé began his career in 1971 as Tax Inspector, accounts auditor and representative of the administration before approved management centres and associations.

He joined the firm Lyon Juriste and its subsidiary OJFI in Paris as legal and tax counsel in 1981, before becoming one of the partners in 1983.

Since January 1992, Jean-Claude Cavaillé has been working as a specialised tax lawyer and managing director of the firm OJFI in both Lyon and Paris, which has successively been named OJFI-Alexen and OJFI-Alister.

In December 2010, following the merger of OJFI-Alister and Lyon-Juriste, he became one of the co-managing partners of the merged firm, which then took the name of Ydès.

Educational background

Jean-Claude Cavaillé graduated with a Master degree in public law (Lyon 1970) and then from the Ecole nationale des Impôts (French national school for taxation) in 1971.  He also has a diploma in higher education accounting studies (CNAM, 1973).


Jean-Claude Cavaillé is Chairman of the supervisory board of the foundation AJD-Maurice Gounon, which assists teenagers and young adults in a situation of distress and exclusion to regain self-sufficiency and citizenship (200 employees, 300 voluntary workers, 15 institutions or services).

He is also a member of the board of directors of the foundation France Répit, which institutions and relief services assist the seriously ill and the family caregivers.