Ydès advises Erta Alé Développement (holding company of Voyageurs du Monde’s department “adventure travels”)

October 28th 2015

Erta Alé Développement has been managing Voyageurs du Monde’s department “adventure travels” since end of 2012 with the companies and brands from the group Voyageurs du Monde (listed on Euronext) and Allibert Trekking: Terres d’Aventure, Grand Nord Grand Large, Nomade Aventure, Chamina Voyages, Allibert Trekking, Visages et Destination Merveilles.

The group Voyageurs du Monde has announced the acquisition by Erta Alé Développement of 100% of the share capital of Loire Valley Travel (acting with the tradename Rando Vélo).

With this acquisition, the group has consolidated its department “adventure travels” and its specific positioning on the sector of bike travels.

Rando Vélo is one of the pioneers of bike holidays in France, offering 20,000 km of route logs on almost 60 touristic circuits, with 80% of its activity originating from a foreign clientele.