Labour and employment law

The labour and employment law department at Ydès assists companies in labour and employment law, social security law, in each situation that they may encounter and provides its legal expertise both in counselling and during litigation

In the fast-paced legal environment, Ydès assists company’s directors in anticipating the consequences of new regulations, in preparing the employment and social protection effects of developments and restructuring and implementing them.


The labour and employment law department assist companies of all dimensions, from national or multinational groups (including groups comprising several thousand employees) to small and medium-sized businesses, present in all sectors (industrial, commercial, services, etc.):

  • Legal advice to secure working relations

Our expertise includes delivering legal advice, drafting and negotiating contracts or agreements and assistance in the following sectors:

- individual employment relations: employment contract, disciplinary process, termination of employment contracts (for economic reason or for cause) etc.
- collective labour law aspects / industrial relations: relations with workers’ council or union representatives, negotiation of collective agreements, social plans and voluntary retirement plans
- social benefits and remuneration: employee savings schemes (participation, incentive, savings plans, employee incentive and stock option plans), retirement and contingency funds
- employee’s health and safety

  • Assistance in the context of M&A and Private equity transactions (in liaison with other departments of the Firm)

- ​audit: carrying out acquisition or vendor’s due diligence and risks assessments; drafting the relevant representations and indemnities in the acquisition agreements;
- advice in connection with the employment and social protection effects on acquisitions, mergers, spin off, company sales, transfer of shares etc.
- corporate restructuring and reorganisation: transfer of employees, geographical and/or professional mobility plans, harmonisation of industrial relations, job protection plans etc.
- management of the relations with staff and union representatives 

  • Pre-litigation & litigation

- all types of litigation or settlements: termination of employment contract, incapacity or occupational illness, electoral disputes, collective redundancy litigation etc.
- legal representation in connection with inspections and litigation involving French public social security administrations

  • For international companies established in France

- hiring process: determination of the applicable law, employment documents in bilingual version, work permit requirements and request, formalities with social security administrations or immigration authorities
- employee assignment or intra-group mobility: expatriation contract and related formalities, posting of workers, agreement for the supply of personnel services, advice to prevent undeclared work or illicit supply of labour under French laws.
- assistance to implement legal obligations and formalities in employment and social protection law in case of acquisitions or establishment of a presence in France by international groups.


The team comprises eight professionals [ with various profiles both having an in-depth experience in labour and employment laws (in France and but also abroad). The labour and employment law department portrays a high level of technical expertise in all the areas of labour law and social security laws.

In addition to their employment law practice (both advice and litigation), our lawyers frequently provide lectures or seminars related to labour and employment law in various French Universities and also provide specialized training programmes for cetified accountants, clients or legal experts.